Ski-Doo Pyra Snomobile Helmet Hi-Max Air Vent System Lightweight FMVSS 218 Charcoal Grey

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Size: Small
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BRAND: Ski-Doo

More Info:

  • Advanced plastic composite shell; Adjustable peak system
  • Removable wind deflector; Lightweight double-D chin strap
  • Removable, washable and replaceable moisture-wicking liner
  • Front and rear hi-max air vent system to maximize cooling; Weight: +-1310 grams for size Large
  • DOT/ECE 2206 certified, DOT FMVSS 218 meets or exceeds DOT MVS

When it comes to safety, coverage is key. The Pyra Helmet is built to protect your head no matter what the day throws your way. This DOT/ECE 2206-certified headwear features an advanced plastic composite shell and a rotational impact-absorbing system for added protection. Hi-max air vents at the front and rear let you maximize cool airflow, while a removable wind deflector keeps it out of your eyes. After a high-intensity day on the snowmobile, the moisture-wicking liner is removable and washable so you feel fresh every time you gear up, and the lightweight double-D chin strap ensures a snug fit and reliable fastening.

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Brand: Ski-Doo

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