Husqvarna 532176138 Push-In Interlook Switch Craftsman CT 154 CTH 194 2642 LT

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Interlock Switch 532176138

Replaces Previous MPN: 532153664

Husqvarna 532176138 is Compatible with the following Vehichles:

Yard-Man LT-50
Yard-Man LT-46
Yard-Man LT-42
Yard-Man LT-38
Yard-Man 999
Yard-Man 834H
Yard-Man 804H
Yard-Machines LT-42
Yard-Machines 775S
Yard-Machines 771H
Yard-Machines 762G
Yard-Machines 762F
Yard-Machines 693G
Yard-Machines 690G
Yard-Machines 682G
Yard-Machines 650F
Yard-Machines 619H
Yard-Machines 601H
Yard-Machines 065 Lawn Utility Vehicle
Wizard WZ12B36B
Wizard WZ125H36B
Wizard WZ125H36A
Wizard WZ1236B
Wizard WAGT20H48STA
Wizard WA20H42STA
Wizard WA17H42STA
Wizard WA1742STA
Wizard WA15542A
Wizard WA1338A
Wizard AYP9167A69
Wizard AYP9167A59
Wizard AYP9159B59
Wizard AYP9159A69
Wizard AYP9159A59
Wizard AYP9149A69
Wizard AYP9149A59
Wizard AYP9128B29
Wizard AYP9128A29
Wizard AYP9120B59
Wizard AYP9120B49
Wizard AYP9120A59
Wizard AYP9120A29
Wizard AYP8228A69
Wizard AYP8228A59
Wizard AYP8228A49
Wizard AYP8209A69
Wizard AYP8209A59
Wizard AYP8188A69
Wizard AYP8186A59
Wizard AYP7184A69
Wizard AYP7184A59
Wizard AYP7183A49
Wizard AYP7167B29
Wizard AYP7167A69
Wizard AYP7167A59
Wizard AYP7167A39
Wizard AYP7167A29
Wizard AYP7159A69
Wizard AYP7159A59
Wizard AYP7158A49
Wizard AYP7148A49
Wizard AYP7147B29
Wizard AYP7147A29
Wizard AYP7143C49
Wizard AYP7143B59
Wizard AYP7143B49
Wizard AYP7143A69
Wizard AYP7143A59
Wizard AYP7143A49
Wizard AYP7124B59
Wizard AYP7124A69
Wizard AYP7124A59
Wizard AYP7124A49
Wizard AYP7122B29
Wizard AYP7122A29
Wizard AYP1184A69
Wizard AYP1143A69
Wizard AYP1124A69
Wizard 848H
Wizard 840H
Wizard 760G
Wizard 677G
Wizard 670G
Wizard 667G
Wizard 663G
Wizard 663F
Wizard 650G
Wizard 619G
Wizard 610F
Wizard 471F
Wizard 451F
Winston Pro WP2050A
Winston Pro WP18IC44A
Winston Pro WP18H44A
Winston Pro WP18H44
Winston Pro WP1842B
Winston Pro WP1842A
Winston Pro WP14H38A
Winston Pro WP145H42G
Winston Pro WP145H42A
Winston Pro WP14542A
Winston Pro WP12R38C
Winston Pro WP12R38B
Winston Pro WP12R38A
Winston Pro WP12542A
Winston Pro WP1238B
Winston Pro WP1238A
Winston Pro WP1036A
White Outdoor ZT-2250
White Outdoor ZT-2150
White Outdoor ZT-1850
White Outdoor Z220
White Outdoor Z200
White Outdoor Z180L
White Outdoor Z180
White Outdoor Z165
White Outdoor Z16
White Outdoor SLT-5400
White Outdoor R-86
White Outdoor R-10
White Outdoor LT-950H
White Outdoor LT-946H
White Outdoor LT-946G
White Outdoor LT-942H
White Outdoor LT-942G
White Outdoor LT-546H
White Outdoor LT-546G
White Outdoor LT-542H
White Outdoor LT-542G
White Outdoor LT-5000
White Outdoor LT-4600H
White Outdoor LT-175
White Outdoor LT-165
White Outdoor LT-15
White Outdoor LT-145
White Outdoor LT-14
White Outdoor LT-125
White Outdoor LT-12
White Outdoor LGT-165
White Outdoor L-8
White Outdoor L-12
White Outdoor L-10
White Outdoor GT-954H
White Outdoor GT-954
White Outdoor GT-1855
White Outdoor GT-185
White Outdoor GT-180
White Outdoor FST-145
White Outdoor FST-14
Wheel Horse Lawn Ranger 32
Wheel Horse DH-220
Wheel Horse DH-210
Wheel Horse DH-190
Wheel Horse DH-170
Wheel Horse D-200 Automatic
Wheel Horse D-180 Automatic
Wheel Horse D-160 Automatic
Wheel Horse 18hp Automatic
Westminster 650F
Western Sun 840H
Western Sun 800H
Western Sun 670G
Western Sun 660G
Western Sun 650G
Weed Eater01
Weed Eater WS12538A
Weed Eater WS1236A
Weed Eater WEY1842A
Weed Eater WEY12542A
Weed Eater WEX12H36D
Weed Eater WEX12H36C
Weed Eater WEX12H36B
Weed Eater WEX12B36A
Weed Eater WEX1292A
Weed Eater WEX1236D
Weed Eater WEX1236B
Weed Eater WET2242STD
Weed Eater WET2242STC
Weed Eater WET2242STB
Weed Eater WET2242STA
Weed Eater WET17H42STA
Weed Eater WET1742STB
Weed Eater WET1742STA
Weed Eater WET1642B
Weed Eater WET1642A

Product Specifications

Brand: Husqvarna

MPN: 532176138

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