Honda 91079-KZ3-731 Genuine OEM 20X26X20 Rear Shock Absorber Bearing for 1989-2001 CR125R

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Product Specifications

Brand: Honda
MPN: 91079-KZ3-731
Previous MPN: 91079-KS7-834, 91079-KS7-835
Product in these Categories:
1989 Honda CR125R
1989 Honda CR250R
1989 Honda CR500R
1990 Honda CR125R
1990 Honda CR250R
1990 Honda CR500R
1991 Honda CR125R
1991 Honda CR250R
1991 Honda CR500R
1992 Honda CR125R
1992 Honda CR500R
1993 Honda CR500R
1994 Honda CR500R
1995 Honda CR500R
1996 Honda CR500R
1997 Honda CR500R
1998 Honda CR500R
1999 Honda CR500R
2000 Honda CR500R
2001 Honda CR500R
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Brand/MPN: Honda 91079-KZ3-731

Replacement/Substituted Part Numbers: 91079-KS7-834, 91079-KS7-835

  • Genuine OEM: 91079-KZ3-731

  • Fits: 1989-1992 Honda CR125R

  • Fits: 1989-1991 Honda CR250R

  • Fits: 1989-2001 Honda CR500R

Genuine HondaMotor OEM 20X26X20 Rear Shock Absorber Bearing Part # 91079-KZ3-731

Please refer to your vehicle owners manual for additional fitment and compatibility information

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