Honda 91008-ML3-681 Bearing Motorcycle CR450 CR480 CR500 Genuine OEM

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Product Specifications

Brand: Honda
MPN: 91008-ML3-681
Previous MPN: 91007-KA5-003, 91007-KA5-004, 91008-KA5-003, 91008-KA5-004
Product in these Categories:
1985 Honda CR500R
1986 Honda CR500R
1987 Honda CR500R
1988 Honda CR500R
1989 Honda CR500R
1990 Honda CR500R
1991 Honda CR500R
1992 Honda CR500R
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Brand/MPN: Honda 91008-ML3-681

Replacement/Substituted Part Numbers: 91007-KA5-003, 91007-KA5-004, 91008-KA5-003, 91008-KA5-004

  • Genuine Honda OEM, Part Number: 91008-ML3-681

  • Fits Honda: CR450, CR480, CR500 Models

Genuine OEM Bearing Part # 91008-ML3-681

Please refer to your vehicle owners manual for additional fitment and compatibility information

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