Must-Have Accessories For Your Best UTV Adventure

Whether you are loading up your UTV for a vacation out west or getting ready for your favorite local rides with family and friends, you may want to add some accessories to your ride before you hit the dirt. These aftermarket add-ons are a must for any avid UTV enthusiast as they make rides safe and fun every time. 

Let's look at the top UTV accessories that you should have if you want the ultimate riding experience. 


Not all UTVs come with a windshield installed, but you can add one easily as an aftermarket accessory. Windshields are almost absolute necessities if you enjoy riding in any weather and temperature as they keep cold air from stinging your skin in the winter and bugs at bay in the warmer months. Windshields keep you semi-clean and your eyes safe during the fun for the rides that sling dust, dirt, mud, and other debris. 

Pro Tip: Consider products with different styles and capabilities, like full, half, and tilting windshields. 

A Place For Everything, And Everything In Its Place

Even the shortest of UTV adventures can require a lot of stuff. Not only are UTV rides more fun when you have what you need, but securing your items safely is essential to your health and comfort. Don't waste precious passenger room on cargo such as tools, extra axles, belts, coolers, and hunting items; consider the wide range of storage and cargo equipment you can add as a UTV accessory. Universal roof cargo racks are perfect for any UTV or SXS with a metal roof, and front cargo baskets make carrying extra items easy. 

Pro Tip: Most cargo baskets can be installed and uninstalled with the turn of just a few bolts, which means you can travel as light or as heavy as you please. 

Be Aware Of Your Surroundings With Extra Mirrors

While UTVs are typically ridden in remote and off-road areas, being aware of your surroundings when on a ride is essential to safety and ultimate fun. Adding mirrors to your UTV increases your ability to stay in control of the situation, knowing who and what is in front, behind, and beside your vehicle at all times. Any time you are in motion, your reaction time is critical to keeping your UTV and its passengers out of accidents. 

Pro Tip: UTV shatter-proof mirrors are explicitly made to repel flying rocks and crashing limbs. Side mirrors that fold in will allow you to fit through tight spaces without damaging your accessories.