Common Problems That Can Prevent Your ATV From Starting

One of the best ways to enjoy the world around you is by spending time outdoors. The sad reality is that nearly 60% of Americans spend five hours or less outside every week. If you fancy yourself an outdoor enthusiast, finding ways to have more fun in natural surroundings is a great idea. One of the best ways to make your time outdoors more fun is by investing in a high-quality ATV. 

Whether you buy a new or used ATV, keeping it in good working order should be a priority. When confronted with ATV repair issues, knowing how to respond can save you a lot of time and frustration. If you run into an issue where your ATV won’t start, it might be caused by one of the problems mentioned below. 

Battery Issues Can Prevent Your ATV From Starting

When trying to start an ATV, one of the main things you need is an electrical charge. It is the responsibility of the battery in your ATV to provide this charge. The average ATV battery contains liquid-filled cells that can dry out over time. When these cells dry out, they can make the battery in question virtually useless. 

Trying to jump off your existing battery might allow you to get the ATV started. However, if the battery in question is old and damaged, you will need to replace it. If you are looking for a good deal on a battery that fits a Polaris ATV, the team at Fix My Toys has you covered. 

The Kill Switch is Engaged

The manufacturers of ATVs put several safety features in place to protect the people that ride their machines. In emergency situations, an ATV kill switch can be used to immediately turn off the engine. Usually, these switches are within the rider's reach and work without fail. Over time, issues with the electrical contacts and normal wear and tear can affect how reliable a kill switch is. 

If the kill switch is damaged and stuck in the engaged position, then the ATV in question won’t start. Replacing your damaged part with a high-quality kill switch replacement will allow you to get back on the trail in no time. 

The ATV Engine Isn’t Getting a Spark

One of the main components used to start your ATV engine is the spark plug. This plug continuously fires to keep the engine of your ATV running. Over time, heat and deposits can slowly erode your spark plug and make it virtually useless. Taking the time to inspect your spark plug and spark plug wire routinely is a great way to prevent problems. 

If you notice that the spark plug is covered in a thick layer of black carbon, then replacing it is a good idea. By doing this, you can provide your engine with the spark it needs to keep running reliably. 

Taking ATV maintenance seriously is the best way to avoid getting stranded on a ride. If you need replacement parts for your ATV, check out the selection of items offered by Fix My Toys.