Polaris 5135059 GEAR-SPUR 31T 17T SPL CS

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2006 Polaris Classic FS
2006 Polaris IQ Touring FS
2006 Polaris Switchback FST
2007 Polaris IQ FST LX
2007 Polaris IQ Touring FS
2008 Polaris Dragon IQ Turbo
2008 Polaris IQ Cruiser
2008 Polaris IQ Touring 600 HO
2008 Polaris IQ Touring FS
2008 Polaris Switchback TURBO
2009 Polaris Dragon IQ Turbo
2009 Polaris IQ Touring FST
2009 Polaris Switchback TURBO
2010 Polaris Dragon IQ Turbo
2010 Polaris IQ Touring FST
2010 Polaris IQ Turbo LX
2011 Polaris IQ TURBO
2011 Polaris IQ Turbo LX
2011 Polaris IQ Turbo LXT
2012 Polaris IQ TURBO
2012 Polaris IQ Turbo LX
2012 Polaris IQ Turbo LXT
2013 Polaris IQ Turbo LXT
2014 Polaris IQ Turbo LXT
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Spur Gear 5135059

Polaris 5135059 is Compatible with the following Vehichles:

Switchback Turbo: 2008-2009
Switchback FST: 2006
IQ Turbo LXT: 2011-2014
IQ Turbo LX: 2010-2014
IQ Turbo: 2010-2014
IQ Touring FST: 2009-2010
IQ Touring FS: 2006-2010
IQ Touring 600 HO: 2008
IQ FST LX: 2007
IQ Cruiser: 2008
Dragon IQ Turbo: 2008-2010
Classic FS: 2006

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Product Specifications

Brand: Polaris

MPN: 5135059

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