Kohler X-42-15-S 3 16" x 5 8" Woodruff Flywheel Key OEM CH CV ECH ECV KS SV Engines

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Brand/MPN: Kohler X-42-15-S

  • Genuine Kohler Product, OEM Part Number: X-42-15-S, Replaces: X-42-15

  • Fits Kohler: CH1000, CH11, CH12.5, CH13, CH14, CH15, CH16, CH18, CH20, CH22, CH23, CH25, CH26, CH410, CH430, CH450, CH620, CH621, CH640, CH641, CH670, CH680, CH682, CH730, CH732, CH735, CH740, CH742, CH745, CH750, CH752, CH940, CH960, CH980

  • Fits Kohler: CV1000, CV11, CV12.5, CV13, CV14, CV15, CV16, CV17, CV18, CV20, CV22, CV23, CV25, CV26, CV430, CV450, CV460, CV461, CV490, CV491, CV492, CV493, CV620, CV624, CV640, CV670, CV675, CV680, CV682, CV724, CV725, CV730, CV732, CV740, CV742, CV745, CV750, CV752, CV940, CV960, CV980

  • Fits Kohler: ECH630, ECH650, ECH680, ECH730, ECH740, ECH749, ECH940, ECH980, ECV630, ECV650, ECV680, ECV730, ECV740, ECV749, ECV850, ECV860, ECV870, ECV880, ECV940, ECV980, ELH775, FCV740, K482, K532, K582, KS530, KS540, KS590, KS595, LH630, LH640, LH685, LH690, LH750, LH755, LH775, LV625, LV675, LV680

  • Fits Kohler: M16, PCH680, PCH740, PCV680, PCV740, PCV850, PCV860, SV470, SV471, SV480, SV530, SV540, SV541, SV590, SV591, SV600, SV601, SV610, SV620, SV710, SV715, SV720, SV725, SV730, SV735, SV740, SV810, SV820, SV830, SV840, TH16, TH18, TH575

Kohler 3/16" x 5/8" Woodruff Flywheel Key # X-42-15-S

Please refer to your vehicle owners manual for additional fitment and compatibility information

Product Specifications

Brand: Kohler

MPN: X-42-15-S

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