Husqvarna 871020748 7 16-14 X 3 Hex Bolt CTH 174 184T 194 CT126 YTH 2348 20K46 22V42

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Brand: Husqvarna
MPN: 871020748
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Brand/MPN: Husqvarna 871020748

  • Genuine Husqvarna OEM Part Number: 871020748

  • Fits: 2042 LS, 2146 XLS, 2246 LS, 2346 XLS, 2348 LS, 2354 GXLS, 2748 GLS, CT126, CT153, CT154, CTH126, CTH163T, CTH164T, CTH173, CTH174, CTH184T, CTH194, CTH1953D, CTH204T, CTH2138R, CTH224T, CTH224TFI, CTH2642, CTH2642TR

  • Fits: GT48 XLS, GT48DXLS, GT48XLSI, GT52 XLS, GT52XLS, GT52XLSI, GT54 LS, GT54CS, GTH2448T, GTH2454T, GTH26K54, GTH26V48, GTH2648, GTH2654, GTH27V52, GTH2752TF, GTH24K54, GTH24V52LS, GTH24V54, GTH263T, GTH264T, GTH26V52LS, GTH26V54, GTH27V48LS, GTH3052TDF, GTH52XLS

  • Fits: LGT2554, LGT2654, LGT24K54, LGT48DXL, LGTH22V48, LGTH2454, LGTH24V54, LOGTH2448T, LOYTH20F42, LT126, LT152, LT154, LT1597, LT1942, LT19538, LT2213, LT2223A2, LTA18538, LTH1438, LTH1538, LTH18538, LTH2042, LTH126, LTH1438, LTH151, LTH152, LTH154, LTH1738, LTH174, LTH1842, LTH18538, LTH19530, LTH2038, LTH2142, SRD17530

  • Fits: TC130, TC138, TC139T, TC142, TC238, TC239T, TC242, TC338, TC342, TC38, TS138, TS142, TS238, TS242, TS243, TS246, TS342, TS343, TS346, TS348, TS352, TS354X, YTH16542, YT1942, YT42 XLS, YT42CS, YT42DXL, YT42DXLS, YT42LS, YT42XLS, YT46 LS, YT48 XLS, YT48CS, YT48DXLS, YT48XLS, YT54 LS, YTA18542, YTH1946, YTA19K42, YTA20V46, YTA22V48, YTH1542, YTH1848, YTH20B42, YTH20F42, YTH20K46, YTH2042, YTH21K46, YTH2146, YTH2242, YTH2348, YTH2454, YTH184, YTH184, YTH224, YTH2642, YTH2648, YTH2754

Husqvarna OEM 7/16-14 X 3 Hex Bolt Part# 871020748

Please refer to your vehicle owners manual for additional fitment and compatibility information

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