Husqvarna 597520401 PTO Switch Kit OEM IZ4821 IZ6125 LZ5227 M-ZT52 M-ZT60 PZ5426 PZ6030

HusqvarnaSKU: 12HUS_597520401

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Product Specifications

Brand: Husqvarna
MPN: 597520401
Previous MPN: 539131627, 589887201
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Brand/MPN: Husqvarna 597520401

Replacement/Substituted Part Numbers: 539131627, 589887201

  • Genuine Husqvarna Product, OEM Part Number: 597520401, Replaces: 539131627

  • Fits Husqvarna: BZ6127, BZ7234, FD52M, FD61M, IZ25, IZ4217, IZ4819, IZ4821, IZ5223, IZ6125, IZ21, IZC5221, IZC5223, LZ25, LZ30, LZ5225, LZ5227, LZ6127, LZ6130, LZ7230, LZF5227, LZF6127

  • Fits Husqvarna: M-ZT52, M-ZT61, MZ25, MZ52, MZ5225, MZ5424, MZ61, MZ6125, MZ6128, MZ7227, MZ28ZT, P-ZT26, P-ZT48, P-ZT54, P-ZT4822, P-ZT5224, P-ZT60, P-ZT6126, P-ZT6128, PZ29, PZ34, PZ5426, PZ6029, PZ6030, PZ6034, PZ7234, PZ54, YTH2348

Husqvarna PTO Switch Kit # 597520401

Please refer to your vehicle owners manual for additional fitment and compatibility information

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