Husqvarna 532405400 Cleanout Tool Clip 10527SB 1130SB 11524E 12527HV 12530HV 1330SB OEM

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Brand/MPN: Husqvarna 532405400

  • Genuine Husqvarna OEM Part Number: 532405400

  • Fits: 10527SB, 10527SB LS, 10527SBE, 1130SB, 1130SB XLS, 1130SBE, 1130SBE OV, 1130SBE XP, 1130SBEXP, 1130SBXLSB, 11524E, 12524SB 12527HV, 12527HVX, 12530HV, 1330SB XLS, 1330SBE OV, 1330SBE XP, 1330SBXLSB, 1330SB, 13524SBXLS, 14527E, 14527SBLS, 15530SBLS

  • Fits: 1650EXL, 16527EXLT, 16530SBXLS, 16530EXL, 16530EXLT, 1827SB, 1830EXL, 1830EXLT, 1830HV, 5524SB, 5524SBI, 5524ST, 5524STE, 5524ST, 924HV, 924SB, 924SB XLS, 924SBE, 924HV, 927SB

  • Fits: ST224, ST224P, ST227P, ST230E, ST230P, ST261E, ST268EP, ST268EP, ST276EP, ST276EPT, ST230E

Husqvarna OEM Cleanout Tool Clip Part# 532405400

Please refer to your vehicle owners manual for additional fitment and compatibility information

Product Specifications

Brand: Husqvarna

MPN: 532405400

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