Husqvarna 532071673 Plunger Cap CTH 141 2642 GT 180 200 2254 Yard Tractors

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Cap 532071673

Replaces Previous MPN: 532124236

Husqvarna 532071673 is Compatible with the following Vehichles:

Weed Eater WET2242STD
Weed Eater WET2242STC
Weed Eater WET2242STB
Weed Eater WET17H42STA
Weed Eater WET1742STA
Poulan XC1182HB
Poulan XC1122B
Poulan PXT175G42
Poulan PXT155G42
Poulan PXT12538
Poulan PR621ES
Poulan PR621
Poulan PR521ES
Poulan PR121ES
Poulan PR111
Poulan PR100
Poulan PP521ES
Poulan PP1036S
Poulan PO19542LT
Poulan PO17542LT
Poulan PO15538LT
Poulan PO14542LT
Poulan PO14538LT
Poulan PO12597RB
Poulan PO12538LT
Poulan 4181-44
Poulan 4180-64
Poulan 4180-54
Poulan 4180-44
Poulan 4180-34
Poulan 4180-24
Poulan 4180-14
Poulan 3421H-74B
Poulan 3421H-74A
Poulan 3421H-74
Poulan 3420-84
Poulan 3420-74B
Poulan 3420-74A
Poulan 3420-74
Poulan 3420-64
Poulan 3420-54
Poulan 12597RB
Poulan 11597
Poulan Pro02
Poulan Pro XEY1142AR
Poulan Pro XEL1122AR
Poulan Pro XEL1120AR
Poulan Pro XEG1182VAR
Poulan Pro XEG1182HAR
Poulan Pro XC1182HB
Poulan Pro XC1122B
Poulan Pro PR1742STF
Poulan Pro PP22H50KA
Poulan Pro PP22H50K
Poulan Pro PP21R38MA
Poulan Pro PP20H50JA
Poulan Pro PP20H50J
Poulan Pro PP2050D
Poulan Pro PP2050
Poulan Pro PP18H44JA
Poulan Pro PP18H44J
Poulan Pro PP1844KA
Poulan Pro PP1844K
Poulan Pro PP1844B
Poulan Pro PP1844
Poulan Pro PP16H44C
Poulan Pro PP16H44B
Poulan Pro PP16H44
Poulan Pro PP16H36RB
Poulan Pro PP1644JA
Poulan Pro PP1644J
Poulan Pro PP15H42KB
Poulan Pro PP15H42K
Poulan Pro PP14H44A
Poulan Pro PP14H44
Poulan Pro PP14542KB
Poulan Pro PP14542K
Poulan Pro PP1442
Poulan Pro PP1438B
Poulan Pro PP12R38MIA
Poulan Pro PP12R38MI
Poulan Pro PP125R38JA
Poulan Pro PP125R38J
Poulan Pro PP125H42JA
Poulan Pro PP125H42J
Poulan Pro PP125H38KA
Poulan Pro PP125H38K
Poulan Pro PP12542JA
Poulan Pro PP12542J
Poulan Pro PP12538
Poulan Pro PP1242A
Poulan Pro PP1242
Poulan Pro PP1238A
Poulan Pro PP1238
Poulan Pro PP1236A
Poulan Pro PP1236
Poulan Pro PP11536KA
Poulan Pro PP11536K
Poulan Pro PP1136JA
Poulan Pro PP1136J
Poulan Pro PP1136A
Poulan Pro PP1136
Poulan Pro PP1036SA
Poulan Pro PP1036S
Poulan Pro PB19542LT
Poulan Pro PB17542LT
Poulan Pro PB155G42
Poulan Pro PB145G38
Poulan Pro PB14538LT
Partner P200107HRB
Partner P185107HRB
Partner P155107HRB
Partner P145107HRB
Partner P12597RB
Partner P12597HRB
Partner P12597
Partner P11597
Lazer LZ20H107RBK
Lazer LZ20H107
Lazer LZ175H107RBK
Lazer LZ165107H
Lazer LZ145H97RBK
Lazer LZ145H97
Lazer LZ12597RB
Lazer LZ12597AK
Lazer LZ11597
Jonsered YTH18-46
Jonsered YTH16-42
Jonsered ST1153 EP
Jonsered LTH18-46
Jonsered LTH18-42
Jonsered LTH16-42
Jonsered LTH15-42
Jonsered LTH13-42
Jonsered LT2223CMA2
Jonsered LT2220CMA2
Jonsered LT2218CMA2
Jonsered LT2218CMA
Jonsered LT2217CMA
Jonsered LT2216CMA2
Jonsered LT2216CM
Jonsered LT2122CMA2
Jonsered LT2122CMA
Jonsered LT2122A2
Jonsered LT2122A
Jonsered LT2120CMA2
Jonsered LT2120A2
Jonsered LT2119CMA
Jonsered LT2119A
Jonsered LT2118CMA2
Jonsered LT2118CMA
Jonsered LT2118A2
Jonsered LT2118A
Jonsered LT2117CMA
Jonsered LT2117A
Jonsered LT2116CMA2
Jonsered LT2116A
Jonsered LT2115CMA
Jonsered LT2115CM
Jonsered LT2115A
Jonsered LT2115
Jonsered LT2114CMA
Jonsered LT2114CM
Jonsered LT2114A
Jonsered LT2114
Jonsered LT2113CM
Jonsered LT2113A
Jonsered LT2113
Jonsered LT2112
Jonsered LT19A
Jonsered LT18A
Jonsered LT17A
Jonsered LT16A
Jonsered LT16
Jonsered LT15A
Jonsered LT15-42
Jonsered LT15
Jonsered LT14A
Jonsered LT14
Jonsered LT13A
Jonsered LT13-42
Jonsered LT13
Jonsered LT12
Jonsered LRH13-36
Jonsered LR13-36B

Product Specifications

Brand: Husqvarna

MPN: 532071673

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