Husqvarna 503216618 Ignition Crankcase Screw OEM RedMax EBZ7500 EBZ8500 325 326 327

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Brand/MPN: Husqvarna 503216618

Replacement/Substituted Part Numbers: 503216616, 503216620, 503217120, 505291201

  • Genuine Husqvarna Product, OEM Part Number: 503216618, Replaces: 503216616, 503216620, 503217120, 505291201

  • Fits Husqvarna: 123C, 123L, 123LD, 125R, 128R, 130BT, 150BT, 170BT, 180BT, 223L, 223R, 235FR, 235R, 235R II, 323C, 323 HD60, 323 HE3, 323L, 323LD, 323R, 323R II, 323RJ, 324 HDA55x, 325CX, 325 HD60 X-Series, 325 HD75 X-Series, 325 HDA55x, 325 HDA65x, 325 HE3x, 325 HE4x, 325 HS75 X-Series, 325 HS99 X-Series, 325LDX, 325LX, 325RDX, 325RJX, 325RX

  • Fits Husqvarna: 326C, 326ES, 326HD60x, 326HD75x, 326 HDA55 X-Series, 326 HE3 X-Series, 326 HE4 X-Series, 326L, 326LDX, 326LS, 326LX, 326P4, 326P5 X-Series, 326RJX, 326RX, 327ES, 327 HDA65 X-Series, 327 HE3 X-Series, 327 HE4 X-Series, 327LDX, 327LX, 327P4, 327P5X, 327PT5S, 327RDX, 327RJX, 327RX, 327LS

  • Fits Husqvarna: 333R, 333RJ, 333RX, 335LS, 335LX, 335RJX, 335RX, 343F, 343FR, 345FX, 345FXT, 345R, 345RX, 350BT, 355FX, 355FXT, 355RX, 356BT, 370BTS, 380BTS, 525RK, 525RS, 525RX, 525RXT, 535LS, 545FX, 545FXT, 545RX, 545RXT, 555RXT, HA110, HA850

  • Fits RedMax: EBZ750RH, EBZ8500RH

Husqvarna Ignition Crankcase Screw # 503216618

Please refer to your vehicle owners manual for additional fitment and compatibility information

Product Specifications

Brand: Husqvarna

MPN: 503216618

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