509 F02003100-000-204 Sinister X6 Goggle Anti Fog Anti-Fog Anti-Scratch Quick Change Lens

509SKU: 12509_F02003100-000-204

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509 Snow Riding Gear
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MPN: F02003100-000-204
BRAND: 509

Size/Type: One Size Fits Most

More Info:

  • FLLS Fast Lens Loading System uses front loading lens, and unique outrigger latch for easy lens changes. Forced outriggers for great fit on a wide range of helmets.
  • Phantom rigid frame for an optimal lens seal, soft frame for optimal face fit. OTG compatible.
  • PC Outer Lens with anti-scratch coating, and super anti-fog inner lens. Contoured removable nosemask. Silicone lined with Rigger Lock strap.
  • Chrome Mirror/- Yellow Tint - Sunny; Clear Lens - Cloudy, Low Light; Fire Mirror with Light Rose Tint - Partly Cloudy; Gold Mirror/Yellow Tint - Partly Cloudy; Green Mirror/Bronze Tint - Partly Cloudy; Light Rose HCS Tint - Cloudy; Maxvent Yellow Tint - Cloudy, Low Light; Photochromatic Clear to Blue Tint - Partly Cloudy & Low Light, Adjusting Tint
  • Photochromatic Polarized Tint - Sunny & Partly Cloudy, Adjusting Tint; Photochromatic Yellow Tint - Partly Cloudy, Adjusting Tint; Photochromatic Yellow to Blue Tint - Partly Cloudy, Adjusting Tint; Polarized Smoke Tint - Sunny; Polarized Yellow Tint - Cloudy, Low Light; Red Tint - Cloudy, Low Light; Rose Tint - Cloudy, Low Light; Smoke Tint - Sunny; Yellow Tint - Cloudy, Low Light

In 2006 we took the industry by storm with the Sinister Goggle. 1,000,000 goggles later, constant refinement has resulted in a technological beast that sets the new bar. Featuring a 10% larger field of view than our X5, the 509 Sinister X6 Goggle's dual component OTG (Over the Glasses compatible) Phantom frame allows for fast lens changes and a superior face fit when paired with any 509 helmet. Industry-leading optics offer the ultimate in anti-fog and anti-scratch performance coatings.

Product Specifications

Brand: 509

MPN: F02003100-000-204

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