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Klim Viper Pro Snow Goggle Dual Pane Anti-Fog Sweat Wicking Snowmobile

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Manufacturer Klim


The KLIM VIPER redefines the riding experience on the snow. The VIPER is engineered to provide the best optical clarity, vision, field of view (F.O.V.) and fit experience. Ventilation and moisture management systems aggressively combat fogging. Integrating a super-thin frame design, the Viper is compatible with a wide range of open-face helmets

  • Gemin Eye: Anti-fog treatments were first developed by NASA during project Gemini to provide their spacesuit with a lens that would fight condensation in space. Likewise, the best snowmobile goggle should perform for every rider and withstand extreme conditions. KLIM is the first to offer GeminEYE anti-fog. Rather than a simple hand application on one side of the lens, we dip the entire inner lens in the GeminEYE formula as a dual shield against fog up to 3X longer than competitor lenses.
  • Polycarb Premium UV400: developed the PolyCarb Premium dual-pane lens with an extremely advanced Polycarbonate (PC) outer lens for a more durable and scratch resistant experience. In order to deliver the highest quality, the VIPER GOGGLE goes beyond the industry standard by undergoing 4 unique durability tests and impregnated UV400 protection. The combined technologies with the PolyCarb Premium Lens make the VIPER GOGGLE inherently more durable, scratch resistant and vivid than the competition.
  • Air Force Induction: The VIPER Goggle is a high-airflow goggle and is meant to perform in the most extreme conditions. Proceed with caution as the AIR FORCED INDUCTION (A.F.I) intake forces air through the top of the frame and helps harvest airflow that may have been blocked by your helmet brow. Combined with FRESHAIR lower and upper frame the KLIM VIPER Goggles AIRCHAMBER is continuously restored with clean air.
  • Viper Foam Systems: KLIM utilizes two exclusive foam structures in the VIPER GOGGLE to provide maximum breathability, durability and comfort. By sourcing unique foam composites never before used in consumer eyewear, KLIM enhances rider comfort by completely managing moisture throughout the goggle system. The key is to move and remove moisture. FRESH AIR ventilation and oversized face foam for extra comfort the VIPER Foam Systems continue the focus on providing clear vision in all conditions.
  • Radvent Frame Vent Foam: KLIM, in conjunction with GORE Labs, documented breathability and air-permeability performances of numerous frame vent foam structures. Through this research, KLIM found the perfect lens ventilation foam. Our RADVENT foam provides snow and debris-blocking properties with air permeability and breathability performance equal-to much less dense foams. This allows maximum air and water vapor to escape without allowing snow or other debris to penetrate into the AIRCHAMBER.
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