Polaris 2881841 Durable Weatherproof Black Trailering Cover 2016-2020 for General 1000

Polaris MPN: 2881841 UPC: 194722010017

Color: Black


MPN: 2881841

Manufacturer: Polaris

  • Black, Textured, Tear Resistant Fabric. Covers the entire vehicle and tightens with cinch straps.
  • You've worked hard for your Polaris General, now protect it with a strong, durable and weatherproof canvas cover perfectly cut and sewn for a precision fit.
  • Whether you are simply storing your vehicle while not in use or protecting it from the hazards of the road while towing, this cover can withstand the worst of the elements including wind, rain, slush, snow and punishing sun.
  • Finished with bold Polaris branding and cinch straps for a secure fit.
  • Includes: Cover, and Cinch Straps.

Genuine OEM Polaris Trailering Cover

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