Arctic Cat 4639-347 APV Synthetic 2-Cycle Engine Ultimate Performance Oil 2.5

Arctic Cat MPN: 4639-347 UPC: 886224135250


MPN: 4639-347

Manufacturer: Arctic Cat

  • Genuine Arctic Cat Product, Part Number: 4639-347
  • The ultimate in performance oil for Arctic Cat Power Valve Engines and all Arctic Cat 2-cycle engines. Improved cold-weather start up with prime lubrication 2.5 Gallons / 9.46 Liters.
  • Protects against wear with excellent lubricity. Increases efficiency and maintains Arctic Power Valve cleanliness.
  • Smokeless formulation burns extremely clean with a fresher scent. Prevents piston scuffing, varnish formation and deposit buildup.
  • For use in all Arctic Cat 2-stroke oil injection engines with or without power valves

Genuine Arctic Cat OEM Part


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