Arctic Cat 4639-628 ACT Synthetic Reverse Gearcase Fluis 12oz Bottle Textron

Arctic Cat MPN: 4639-628 UPC: 886224473345



MPN: 4639-628

Manufacturer: Arctic Cat

  • Genuine Arctic Cat Product, OEM Part Number: 4639-628
  • Arctic Cat ACT Drive Systems demand a unique lubricant formula to keep them operating like new. Act Reverse Gearcase Fluid is a full-synthetic lubricant that stays consistent across a broad temperature range so it flows well when cold and won't break down when hot.
  • It is specially-designed to work in ACT Drive Systems that are equipped with reverse.
  • Full-synthetic gearcase fluid for use in Arctic Cat ACT Drive systems equipped with manual reverse system.
  • Specialized additive package minimizes component wear in even the most severe operating conditions.

Arctic Cat Geardcase Fluid # 4639-628


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